Vera Lopez – Founder and Spiritual Leader of Spirits of the Earth®.

It is often said that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. But I believe it matters which direction you’re going on the journey of life since I see it as a constant process of evolution and transformation. Everyone has a voice inside that’s guiding them toward their greatest good and to highest version of themselves. I’m here to help people hear that voice.

I was fortunate to hear the call of my own inner voice early in life, as I connected even as a small child to the spirit world. As a young adult of eighteen years of age, I began my spiritual practice in earnest in my native Brazil under the guidance of Luiz Gasparetto, the well-respected psychologist, metaphysical teacher and spiritual psychic artist. For fourteen years, I studied in his spiritual and metaphysical center in Brazil. There, I developed my natural ability to channel and began my work as a spiritual counsellor, using the direct guidance I had received through channeling to help people grow and understand themselves.

In 1989, I founded Spirits of the Earth®, a spiritual adventure travel company that guides people on spiritual journeys to Machu Picchu, Peru. These excursions have touched the lives of thousands of individuals who have experienced the awakening and healing attributes of this sacred place. During these travels, I have been initiated as a shaman in the Inca Tradition many times by different elders in Peru, including the Q’eros.

In addition to spiritual adventure travel, I have led a wide variety of international classes and retreats on topics such as shamanism, metaphysics, and traditional Japanese Reiki. I have guided individuals through powerful, ancient rites of passage based on Peruvian shamanic traditions, and I also lead a course called “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” based on Drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of Remembering. A workshop entitled “Navigating Your House of Mirrors” helps people unearth hidden and repressed parts of themselves. I am also an Integrative and Spiritual Divorce Coaching Professional, having studied with Debbie Ford and graduated from the Ford Institute.

For twenty years, I also heard the call to John of God, a call that I finally answered. While attending the Casa of Dom Inacio in Abadiania – Brazil, I experienced profound healing and spiritual rejuvenation. I now lead groups to John of God for healing, as part of the healing journeys I provide.

For more information about Vera Lopez and her work, please visit VeraLopez.com

Madeleine Merentette, Bestselling Author & International Speaker

“As founder of Grail Springs, Canada’s award-winning transformation retreat, I have had the honor of both meeting and hosting hundreds of transformational leaders at the centre for almost two decades. Vera Lopez is one of those souls you meet in life who you can never forget. It was clear to me at first sight, that she walks her path within an ancient bestowal, here to assist the planet and all of its kingdoms, earth, plant, animal, human and soul, in the process of conscious evolution. She is the embodiment of a most unique combination of attributes so rarely seen or felt and anyone who is lucky enough to cross paths with her, can say they have truly met a living goddess, a guardian of Mother Earth.”

Madeleine Merentette, Bestselling Author & International Speaker Grail Springs
Don Mariano Quispe - Native Peruvian Shaman

Don Mariano is an elder in the Q’ero community of Charkapata, a Cusco province high up in the Andes. At an early age he became a Pampamesayoq apprentice.

He is recognised as a Kurak Akulleq and is an acknowledged teacher and ceremony authority. He specialises in pulse reading, working with the feminine as well as in the ceremony of Haywarikuy – ‘offerings to reach the earth’ – also known in Spanish as despachos. As a paqo he heals through despachos and coca leaves’ readings and he is renowned for his expertise to diagnose through reading the patient’s pulse.

Some of Our Guides

Guido has studied ancient Peruvian history and culture, exercising today his expertise of the sacred sites groups visit. His own native Peruvian upbringing also makes him an expert in Shamanic, spiritual and native traditions with a focus on Pacha Mama.

His gentle, professional and heart-warming manner guides participants to appreciate the rich, intricate and sacred nature of the ancient Inca land.

Boris has a vast knowledge of the Ancient Peruvian culture, Inca traditions, Shamanism and historic sites.

Voted as one of the top Peruvian tour guides, he escorts many Spirits of the Earth groups during their spiritual journey. His calm manner, professional approach and wise guidance provides a nurturing environment for learning, healing and exploration.